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                          HINTS AND TIPS


Hints and Tips

"Pressure treated" Vs "Dipped" or "Pre-treated"

Always ask for Pressure Treated as distinct from "pre-treated".

Pressure treated means an "envelope" is formed around the timber. This envelope helps prevent insect and fungal attack. If you have to cut your timber then we suggest that this cut is resealed with endseal or a similar product.

Dipped or Pre-treated, usually means 10 minutes in a water repellent product.

Most products that are pressure treated are in their natural green colour.

Softwood timber for outdoor use should & must be Pressure treated for longer life. The colour variation that occurs is a natural process.

Larch however is the exception, and does not require treatment.

Larch Maintenance

Larch requires no preservative treatment, however oiling can help maintain its attractive natural appearance.

Decking Maintenance

We suggest that you oil your deck. By doing this it will prolong the life and appearance of your deck. It will also make it easier to clean.

Gate Ope Measurement

Please see attached Word document for instructions on measuring your gate opening and details you will require. Click here


Due to strong solar radiation, round timber may crack, however, this has no effect on stability. Dependent on the weather conditions, the cracking will close again. Even squared timber post and frames (scantling timber) may have small cracking. Extreme temperatures may cause timber to warp. This is a natural occurrence.


When timber dries small knots may "pop" (fall out), there is no way to prevent this, as this is also a natural occurrence. The manufacturer is not responsible for warping that may occur.