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                            LARCH TIMBER PRODUCTS


Introducing Our New Range of Larch Timber Products.

We have recently developed a purpose built unit to manufacture our new range of LARCH garden gates. Our automated manufacturing process will ensure our gates are produced to the highest standards and precision. Our skilled craftsmen oversee the production process resulting in a gate that is strong, durable and aesthetically beautiful.

We are constantly looking for the best quality for our customers. We have always believed in the benefits of using larch but now we are putting it into practice. We have just introduced, in addition to our larch gates, our larch planters. Larch is a strong, durable, preservative free material which is naturally resistant to decay making it an ideal material for timber garden products.



Larch timber has a pale creamy brown sapwood and a distinctly reddish brown heartwood which is naturally durable and strong. This inherent durability and strength means that it has traditionally been used for fencing, gate material, boat building and other outdoor uses. The advantage of larch as a durable timber is very much appreciated and it is still the standard by which all other softwood fencing stakes are judged by farmers. As the timber is resistant to rot when in contact with the ground it is suitable for use as posts and in fencing. Larch is also used as a flooring material and for general structural purposes. It is often selected for use by architects and builders because of its attractive reddish colour. Due to its high quality timber, larch is also in great demand for building yachts and other small boats, for exterior cladding of buildings and interior panelling.


Larch requires no preservative treatment, however oiling can help maintain its attractive natural appearance.


LARCH is better because....

  • It is naturally strong and durable.
  • It requires no preservative treatment
  • It is naturally resistant to decay
  • It has high wood density.
  • It is a naturally attractive wood

OUR Gates are better because.....

  • We use larger sections of timber.
  • They are manufactured at our automated production unit.
  • They are engineered with precision
  • They are priced including all hardware,
    i.e. hinges, drop bolt and locking bolt.
  • We use aluminium dowels instead of timber.
  • We use adjustable hinges.

For more information on gate dimensions and product codes :

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Larch Planter
Larch Planter Box

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